7 Nigerian Celebrities That Publicly Announced They Won’t Be Having Children

Children are blessings from God but Some Nigerian Celebrities have made it clear they do not want children. Some due to  personal, societal or even medical reasons but they have all made a bold and conscious decision. Here are celebrities who have publicly made it known they won’t be having children:

1. Monalisa Stephen

The plus size Nollywood Actress and model announced in one of her interviews that she will never have children. She went on to say that she won’t have children because she lost her father at a young age and her mother few years ago. So she will not give birth to her own children and if she wants a child, she will adopt one and give them the experience of having a family.

2. Ebube Nwagbo


Ebube Nwagbo is a Nollywood Actress from Anambra state but grew up in Warri. She is the first born of six children. The actress said she is not ready for marriage and children. She pointed out that she fears Marriage because of high divorce rate especially in entertainment industry.

Angel Smith

The Big Brother Naija season 6 Ex-housemate have declared that she does not want to have children. She shared on her Instagram story, laughing off people’s belief that children care for their parents later in old age. Angel have been forthright about not having children. She revealed she had a hard life while growing up, dropped out of school and was depressed at 14. She lost her beloved boyfriend at 19 which is still truamatizing her. The Akwa Ibom born is passionate about her mental health, so she’s not ready for kids.

Nse Ikpe-Etim

The Award winning Nollywood Actress and movie producer is one of the popular Childless Celebrities in Nigeria. The actress revealed she wouldn’t have children some years ago. In 2016, the actress revealed she removed her Uterus because she was diagnosed with Adenomyosis. This is a condition where the uterus lining breaks through the Uterus muscle wall. She said she removed her Uterus for health reasons and her husband had stood by her despite her condition.

Temmie Ovwasa

Temmie Ovwasa is a Nigerian Singer and songwriter. Temmie is among the known Childless singers and had always pointed out that she does not want children. The famous singer who is also a queer advocate said that she does not want children because of her Heterophobia.

6. Olu Michael

Actor Olu Michael who is known for her cast in Omo Ghetto is another celebrity who doesn’t want to have kids. Olu Michael revealed he wanted to have kids when he was younger but he won’t want to have them again now that he is older because he is workaholic and won’t want to have some rest and hear his baby crying.

7. Ladipo Shade 

The popular media personality has disclosed that she loves babies so much but she isn’t giving birth to her own children. She made this revelation after her fans congratulated her over a baby she posted in her Instagram. She debunked the news of having a baby,  then disclosed she is not the mother of the baby she posted. She added she won’t be able to go through childbirth.

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