An Oyinbo woman has surprised many people with how she pounded ‘ofe akwu.’

In a nice video, the mother handled the pestle and mortar as if she has been cooking ‘banga stew’ from childhood.

Reacting to the video, @Boc said: “This is a real woman that married with all her heart and love.”

A short TikTok video shows an oyinbo woman painstakingly pounding cooked palm fruits. In the video seen on the handle of @toffee773, the oyinbo mother sat outside and pounded the local delicacy with a mortar and a pestle.

Apart from being a source of palm oil, cooked palm fruit is usually pounded to extract the juice, which is then used for stew or soup called ‘banga’ or ‘ofe akwu.’

A lot of TikTok users were impressed with the way she sat while pounding the cooked palm fruits. She handled the mortar and pestle like an African woman who was brought up from childhood to do the job.

As she continued to pound, a little child thought to be her daughter lurked around the area. However, it is not yet clear if the woman is married to an African man. A lot of people who have seen the video have described the oyinbo woman as a true African wife.

Click on the link below to watch video

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