“Judge Non because you are not God” James Brown shares controversial photos on Easter day

Nigerian crossdresser James Brown has shared a controversial photo online to celebrate Easter Sunday.

James Brown shared a photo of himself dressed as a nun on his verified Instagram page. The controversial crossdresser urged his fans not to judge her because they are not God.

James Brown also called on God for help, correction when he is wrong and protection from ‘bad things.’

He wrote, “Our Father in heaven, you are awesome!

Show us who you are and how you want us to be. Make earth more like heaven. Please give us what we need to keep going each day. Help us when we are wrong and clean us up on the inside. Keep us from bad things, You’re in charge! You’re strong and powerful and always there. Forever! Amen 🙏

Judge Non, because you are not God. I don’t need your comment today just pray because today is Easter.

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