How My 2 Yr Old Daughter Ended Up on My Album – Simi

Nigerian singer Simi is one of the most popular and talented singers out there right now. Her 2020 song Duduke shoot to the top of the charts nationally and rocked the world internationally. That baby she sang to and that appeared in her belly 2 years ago is now a young girl who is featured on her mother’s fourth studio album, To Be Honest (TBH).

Speaking about how her 2 year old Deja ended up being on the album, Simi told quite the interesting story. Here’s what she said.

Speaking to Boom Convo, Simi was asked:

“Motherhood is like the most tasking job in the world. So being a woman, being a mom, how has that also informed your transformation into being the person you are right now?”

Simi – I feel like being a mom is probably the hardest and best thing I’ve ever done. Especially mixing with other things in my life especially my music. It’s not easy to be in this music industry. You have to be consistent, you have to be on your game. Because there are so many good people. It’s not like you’re the only person in the industry. So finding that balance between motherhood and my passion for music is a very refined art and it’s something that was very important to me. I think what helps is just understanding priorities and like I say, committing to those priorities. Because there are some things that you’re not going to be able to do sometimes and there are some thing you’re not going to be able to not do. So if two important things clash, you have to understand what’s your priority? And making your peace with those decisions. And I think understanding those things just make me understand where to focus my energy and what not to focus my energy on.

“On your new album To Be Honest (TBH), there is a surprise feature, who is that person?”

Well that’s my daughter. And that particular song is interesting because the only reason that song is on that album is because of her. That’s why I just wanted to have a little clip to commemorate that occassion on the song. Easy is the name of the song. I was going to take that song out but she kept on singing it. She kept singing it outside of the studio. I mean, she probably even knows all the songs but like out of nowhere, I was thinking about taking it out and she just started singing the song that night. I didn’t play it for her, I didn’t sing it out loud, she just started singing it. And it happened twice. So I said okay, I’m going to leave the song on there. So I was like I’m going to put her voice in the ending just for her, just to know that that one is for her. Because of her. But now I’m really glad that I put it there because it’s one of my favorites now.

“How old is she now?”

She’s 2.

“So are the genes already there? She’s already singing so maybe we should be expecting an album from her”

She loves music. I mean, my prayer for her is just for her to enjoy her life and just whatever it is she wants to do as long as she’s a good person. That’s it.

Below is the song, Easy, that Simi’s daughter Deja sang with her mom.

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