“You are next on line” Fans pray for Tawa Ajisefini as she celebrates Biola Bayo

Tawa Ajisefini, a Nigerian US-based Nollywood actress, has celebrated her colleague, Biola Bayo, who recently welcomed a son through surrogacy. Tawa Ajisefini took to her Instagram page to share photos of Biola Bayo and her newborn son and expressed her excitement and prayers for the growth and life of the new baby.

The article highlights the supportive and celebratory nature of the Nollywood community, particularly when it comes to significant life events such as the birth of a child. It also showcases the use of social media as a platform for sharing news and expressing well wishes among colleagues and fans alike.

She wrote, “A ti bimo oooooooo! emi lo lope. E bawa yo oooooo…. @biolabayo1 my lover….congratulations MINE Olorun a bawa wo a dasi fun waI’m super super excited. MAMA NA BOY.

Many who reacted to the post prayed that the actress would become a mother soon.

One Ibraheem wrote: Congratulations to her, you are next on line by the grace of God, ola mecca, ola medina, ola kaaba, ola osu Ramadan and to all expecting mothers, this is their time Insha Allah biqudratulai

Porchebaby wrote: @tawaajisefinni by these time next year. as the lord liveth. We will congratulate with you soon

“Congratulations to @biolabayo1 i am very happy for her, ha! What Allah cannot do does not exist in sha Allah Tawa you’re next we shall congratulate you soon!” One Agboyede wrote.

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