7 hilarious throwback pictures of Nigerian celebrities (check your favorite)

Throwbacks can be fun; they can be simple and hilarious, and they can also pose a form of reflection.

Today, we are not focusing on anything overtly serious, hence these throwback pictures are just for your viewing pleasure.

Here’s a look at some of your favourite celebrities from back in the day:

The singer’s face didn’t change much, but everything else changed, from his sense of dressing to his physique.

If you aren’t laughing right now, you have strong self-control.

Davido [Nairaland]

This is not the Don we know! This is probably when the music executive decided to drop everything and focus on the Don lifestyle, because this Don isn’t donning at all.

Don Jazzy

This comedian didn’t really change much facially, but we are sure that the changes happened financially, affecting the picture quality of his recent photos.


The singer from Bariga looks exactly like what he was experiencing here. Many times, the singer sang songs about his upbringing and how he suffered. This picture is evidence that he really went through a lot.


Wizkid also didn’t change much, but there is obviously a change in financial status. He still has the same youthful look as back then.


Oh, Lord, this is not the Odogwu we signed up for. Who would have thought that an innocent-looking young man like this would be booting people off his stage for years to come?

Burna boy

The self-proclaimed Idamu Adugbo has always had the same facial features as now. What we can say is that the change is in his softening appearance.

Right now, the singer has the look of a person nobody wants to mess with, with the tattoos, piercings, and hairdo.

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