“My boyfriend once had s£x with me 27times in one day” Monalisa Stephen drops bombshell revelationrevelation (Video)“My boyfriend once had s£x with me 27times in one day” Monalisa Stephen drops bombshell revelationrevelation (Video)

Nigerian body positivity advocate, Monalisa Stephen has left the internet buzzing after she disclosed a shocking revelation about her sexual life.

In an interview with Korty, Monalisa disclosed that she and her boyfriend had once had sex 27 times in one day.

While speaking about her bedroom skills, Monalisa claimed that she visited her boyfriend and they had marathon sex throughout the day.

“He fucked me 27 times

We were just together and it happened.

One particular day I went to see him and he fucked me 27 times”.

This shocking revelation has left many talking.

Monalisa Stephen makes shocking revelation about her sex life

This is coming weeks after the actress received a lot of backlash from fans after she gave imagery of what happens in her bedroom.

In a popular podcast called honest bunch, Monalisa, while in the company of media personality Nedu and others revealed that her boyfriend goes down on her while she is on her period.

She noted that, at first, she was not okay with it; however, as he continued over time, she realized that her boyfriend was showing his love and was ready to love everything that came out of her body.

“My boyfriend used to go down on me when I am on my period. The first time, I did not know what he was trying to prove then he did it again and again” she said.

The video made rounds on social media and left many displeased including celebrities.

The likes of Iyabo Ojo’s lover, Paul Okoye, Anita Joseph, Tboss, and others slammed her for the disgusting action.

Reacting to it, Monalisa took to her Instagram stories to speak on the issue. She noted that people find it difficult to withstand the truth and it’s the main reason why she hasn’t put the plan of starting her podcast into action.

According to her, People love lies a lot and she definitely won’t be allowing that on her podcast.

She wrote: “Na why I never open my podcast be this. You will find out people can’t really stand the truth. They love lies a lot”.

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