“No need for DNA test” Man posts video of his baby who has white marks like him (video)

A man has posted a video on TikTok to show off his newborn baby, who has some white patch on her body Amazingly, the baby looks just like her father, who has the same white patches on his body TikTok users are surprised to see the striking resemblance between the father and his beautiful daughter.

A TikTok video shows a man and his newborn baby who looks exactly like him in bodily appearance. In the video posted by @michelhlonmeti, it could be seen that the man has some white marks (vitiligo) on his body, and his daughter came out with the same marks.

From the video, the man could be seen with smooth white patches on his frontal hair, his forehead and parts of his face. Also, the white marks could be seen on his lips, chest, hands and beard.


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