My N420,000 teeth wants to kill me – Portable unable to speak properly days after fixing grills [Video]My N420,000 teeth wants to kill me – Portable unable to speak properly days after fixing grills [Video]

Funny video shows controversial Nigerian singer Portable having trouble speaking after getting new grills.

The rising singer posted a video online in which he described the difficulties he has encountered after repairing the grills.

He reportedly spent a staggering N420,000 on the grills, but Portable claims he hasn’t been himself since he fixed it.

Many online users responded to the video with humorous comments about the grills, with many asking if “foil” was used in its construction.

However, some perceptive admirers pointed out that the grills enhanced his customary “street” appearance and looked good on him.

Portable stirs reactions as he acquires new teeth grills

Portable has received a new teeth grill from his wife, Zainab Badmus, in honor of her birthday.

Taking to Instagram, Portable joined the likes of Burna Boy, Adekunle Gold, and others to display his newly acquired tooth grills in gorgeous pictures.

He admitted that his wife had persuaded him to purchase the grill in recognition of her birthday.


The photos have since sparked reactions as fans took to his comment section to mock and hail him.

One Snowflakes wrote, “No be foil paper be that so

One Fimy baby wrote, “Our king teeth worth million naira.

One Pappyg wrote, “Your own things dey always different

One holding back tears wrote, “Nah your thing dea always dea different

One Trinity guy wrote, “The teeth diamond is worth 100 million dollars

One Inioluwa beddings wrote, “Nibo latin jasi bayii Shey Na so d thing be Abi nah foil paper be your own

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