Please Forgive Me; It’s Been A While You Touched Me: Nollywood Actress Mobimpe Pleads With Husband Lateef Adedimeji (watch Video)

Nollywood actress Mobimpe has recently released a video pleading with her colleague and love interest, Lateef Adedimeji, to forgive her for their estranged relationship. In the video, which has since gone viral on social media, Mobimpe confesses that it has been a while since Adedimeji last touched her, implying that they have not been intimate in a long time.

The video has sparked a lot of reactions from fans and followers of both actors, with many expressing their surprise and disappointment at the turn of events. Some have even speculated that the video was a publicity stunt or a way to generate buzz for an upcoming movie or project.

However, others have taken Mobimpe’s plea seriously, noting that relationships are complex and sometimes require forgiveness and reconciliation. Some have even commended her for being brave enough to speak out and express her feelings in such a public manner.

Whatever the true intentions behind the video, it has certainly generated a lot of interest and attention, both for Mobimpe and Adedimeji and for Nollywood as a whole. As one of the biggest film industries in the world, Nollywood has always been known for its drama, both on and off-screen, and this latest incident is just one more example of that.

Only time will tell how this situation plays out and whether Mobimpe and Adedimeji are able to reconcile and move forward with their relationship. In the meantime, fans and followers will no doubt continue to speculate and comment on this latest development in the ongoing saga of Nollywood’s stars.

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