“Toyin Abraham Na Real Agbaya” – Trending Video of Toyin Abraham and her son Ire Ayemi As They fight each other over candy sweet Surface Online (Watch)

A video featuring popular Nollywood actress Toyin Abraham and her son, Ire Ajeyemi, has emerged online, triggering various reactions from internet users.

The video captures Ire Ajeyemi inside a car with his parents, Toyin Abraham and Kolawole Ajeyemi, as he enjoys licking a candy sweet. Observing his enthusiasm, Toyin Abraham attempts to take the sweet from him and lick it herself, but Ire adamantly refuses despite her persistent efforts.

In an attempt to divert his attention, Toyin Abraham offers him her phone, and reluctantly, Ire hands it over to her. However, shortly after taking a bite of the sweet, Ire quickly cries out, demanding his sweet back. Toyin Abraham returns the sweet to him and reclaims her phone.

In the end, Toyin Abraham manages to outsmart her son, as he falls for the exchange and hands over the phone in return for the sweet.

Toyin Abraham accompanied the video with the caption; “Ma jeun Omo na sweet e Dey start😂😂😂 Pls IJAKUMO The born again stripper is streaming on Netflix global🤜🤜Very sweet delicious film and I’m sure you don’t want to miss it❤️.”

Watch the video below;

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