“Why Comic Actor, Mr Latin Relocated His Family Abroad”

People move their families abroad for a variety of reasons. People are quickly deciding that “going overseas” is the best option for securing a bright future for their families now that the country’s economic crisis has worsened.

Bolaji Amusan, a popular humorous actor, transferred his family to the United States because he wants the best for his children. According to an interview he gave to Punchnews a few years back, there was a time when teachers went on strike for a considerable period of time. Then he and his wife got down and spoke about the next steps.

They contemplated what to do as they considered how to educate their children in a country with a poorly structured educational system. This prompted them to decide to move their children to Ireland. His family has been there for nearly 5 years and is content with their situation.

The first Holy Communion service of Mr Latin’s daughter

Mr Latin’s wife shocked him recently. She surprised her husband with a beautiful new automobile for his birthday.
Mr Latin has ensured that his family has a bright future. He visits there frequently for pleasure, and they also go to Nigeria once in a while.

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