Hilarious moment Nigerian man uses IV bag to slowly drip fuel into generator to reduce usage (video)

When a Nigerian man filled an IV bag with petrol to cut down on his big generator’s fuel usage, it created a stir on social media.

This was made clear in a recent video that was uploaded to his profile on a well-known social media network.

The man in the video filled an IV bag with fuel and hung it, with the message “Fuel Management.” Next, he programmed the IV to gradually drip gasoline into his generator tank.

Given the high cost of petrol in Nigeria, he implemented these steps to reduce fuel use.

Social media users were drawn to his endeavor to lower the fuel use of his generator and flocked the post’s comments area with their opinions.

View a few responses below:

AFOLAYAN: “As your Gen dey collect fuel drip , if d Gen catch fire injure you, Naso u self go collect drip.”

Ademola: “Na still the same quantity of fuel the Gen go use e go use, if the fuel no reach where e suppose reach the Gen no go function well.”

Oluwaseun: “if it blow now, they’ll say na solar panel on the roof catch fire, I don’t know why people don’t like their life.”

TYEYI: “wonders shall never end this country has finished completely or it has completely finished.”

*VÃDÕ❤️ JÑR💝 247: “Nigeria una don Dey give gen drip again arhhhh.heeh bby ayeyi ti baje.”

Adebabe Seyon Gbenga: “We play too much in my country 🤣😂🤣how other African countries no go jealous us😂🤣. We use our problem catch cruise.”



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