“Na Ashabi the calm down, me I stopped dating Portable when my child was just 41 days” – Portable babymama HoneyBerry drag him

Popular singer Portable second baby mama Honey Berry has bragged during a live video that she does not love her baby father portable at all.

During the live session with Iya Ogba, Honey Berry was asked that is it because she has once giving birth for someone before that why she won’t get married again.

Iya Ogba continues that is she married to Portable, which she said no and said I don’t like Portable, if I want to go back, I would’ve gone back but I don’t want.

Many of the singer fans reacted to the the video

Prince_adebowale8 wrote: E no go bad if them jail you for 6 months with dis ur second slide 😂 I don laugh tire 😂😂

Ninolabeauties wrote: I love that second slide😂😂😂Bukky mk l see you near heaven😂

The_imoleayo wrote: Who be adiye fun-fun?asking for a friend😂😂😂😂😂

Hunch0_100 wrote: @honey_berry1211 you fit swear with Ogun waitin you talk real say no be say @portablebaeby catch you say you shit on him before him chase you out

realdammyx wrote:Make God she help us spiritual husband better pass portable

Kimfashrid wrote: you fine reach girls wey portable dey nack?na so una go come on line come dey lie.

Aotlekan wrote: This habit of always rushing to the comment section when you see a post like this must stop ooo! 😂😂😂

Moneymlmem wrote: But him fuck u give u belle , still chose his first wife over you 😂😂😂😂

Parker_ojugo wrote: Lol we have a long day today e sure me say portable still dey sleep na why e never reply 😂😂😂😂

See video below

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