“No one has ever loved me the way this man loves me, I started crying the day he proposed marriage to me”- Bimpe Akintunde Shower praise on her husband Yousuph

Nollywood actress Bimpe Akintunde who recently had an interview speaking about hiw she met her husband and how he loved her has decided to shower him with sweet words.

The actress wrote a long epistle about her husband Yousuph.

She said that she had never seen a man like him ever in her entire life, a man who always stood by his words, she showered him with prayer, that may God bless him.

She wrote: Allow me Hype Boda Yousuph Tonight
A man so intentional!!!!!
I have never met a man like him before
A lot of men have said what he said to me,
and they couldn’t stand by their words!!!!!
I bless the day our path crossed
No one has ever loved me the way this man loves me!!!

I am truly blessed to have a man like you to call my Husbbyyyyy
Thank you for helping me to break that ‘YOKE’
Yessssss no, be me better pass as a woman
I do not even get good character, I con get bad mouth join
Mo ti Buruju lobinrin, who go marry DANGBANASHOKO Like me!!!!

But trust me, I am a blessing to any man who chooses to stay with me
But you told me it will work and it is working
I cried the day you asked me to marry you, and it has to be NOW!!!!
I was shivering and asking GOD!!! is that you????
Yes!!!! It’s the Lord doing,
and I am gonna rejoice in it all the days of my life!!!!

Oko mii , we got talking in May
You came to Marry me in June
E be like Film ooooo
E go be one year in June oooooo
I still dey wonder o
Nah, God, do this one no be juju o
Because it’s a Miracle
And since the day I married you
No single regret till now!!! Till Forever Bijah Rosululai

Thank you for all of your Teachings Alfa mii
Thank you for bringing me closer to God and serving him more
Thank you for loving sweetie. Like your own blood
Thank you for coming thru for us. Always
Oko mii ko ni su yin ko ni re yin lola Anobi Muhammad (SAW)
Thank you for not taking me away from me

To everyone talking when I made this decision, I truly appreciate your concern, but trust me
God sent me one of his best men ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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