“What You Soow You Shall Reap, Thank You For Puniisshing My Children”- Gospel Singer Atorise’s 9th Babymama Calls Him Out For Being An Irresponsiible Father (Video)

Nigerian gospel musician, singer, songwriter and minister Olanrewaju Michael Afolabi Teriba popularly known as Arotise has been called out by one of his babymama for being an irresponsible father.

One of gospel singer, Lanre Teriba’s numerous baby mamas, has called him out on social media

Taking to Instagram, the lady accused Teriba of being highly irresponsible and abandoning his fatherly duties

Taking to her page, the lady recounted how the gospel musician tricked her into believing he was a good man and how he wooed her for over a year before getting a chance to go on a date with her.

According to her, the singer is highly irresponsible and lives a fake life. She noted that Teriba had refused to pay for his children’s education and if he does not do it, she will but when ever the children reap for their wedding or graduation he will be a cleaner there.

She siad ‘You shall reap what you sow. You think you are punishing me. Tables do turn. You will regret all your actions. You will be a cleaner when your children are celebrating their day of joy’

Social media users react

Soon after Teriba’s baby mama made it a point to reveal the singer’s dirty secrets on social media, members of the online community shared their takes on it.

Read some of their comments below:

Zhee wrote: As a struggling responsible single mum I understand how this woman feels. Sometimes depr£ss!on can push someone to behave this way. It’s a lot of hardwork playing the role of parenting all alone. She might have said a lot tho but let’s understand her pa!na too. May God crown every responsible parent’s effort 🙏

Shade_of_grain wrote: Story!
The kids that will grow up and forgive him… He will sit down, wear agbada on their wedding day, wear suit on their graduation….
Sowing hate in ur kids towards their dad gets u no where…
Ever since you have been doing this, has it changed anything?

Pwetty_textile wrote: Can we normalise educating our daughters to understand that having mutual s£x has consequences & most of the times, the results of such consequences rests more on them as mothers. Can we normalise telling our daughters to ask the relevant questions when courting. Can we normalise letting our daughters know that there’s indeed dignity in labour and they must first be able to take care of themselves by themselves before venturing into getting pregnant. There are numerous family planning methods that any sane woman can use to prevent unwanted pregnancy.

Iamdejv wrote: Asin Lanre Teriba get up to 9 baby mamas no be wetin den tell me Na wetin I knw

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