“What bottle flip challenge has caused in my house” Mercy Johnson laments (Video)

“What bottle flip challenge has caused in my house” Mercy Johnson laments (Video)
“What bottle flip challenge has caused in my house” Mercy Johnson laments (Video)

There is no doubt that Nollywood actress, Mercy Johnson is counting down to school resumption as the mother of four has had a tough time keeping up with her four kids.

Since the holidays, Mercy Johnson has been spending more time with her four kids and making memories with them.

The dotting mother has flooded her Instagram page with fun videos of her kids and there is no denying that Mercy Johnson is ‘Mum of the Year’.

The wife of politician, Prince Odi Okojie has shared an adorable video of her three older kids engaging in the popular flip challenge.

Mercy Johnson lamented over the unending drama the challenge is causing to her home.

“Wetin bottle flip challenge dey cause for my house”.

I am never going out with my kids again” Mercy Johnson vows, laments about motherhood

Just a day back, Mercy Johnson had vented out her frustration over the difficulty of motherhood.

The movie star, who has been spending time with her kids and keeping them busy during the holidays, complained about how hard it is taking her kids out.

According to the mum of four, each kid always has something bothering them or is in need of.

Most times, she always feels like giving up, and in her head, she vows to quit taking them out.

Questioning the mothers in the house, she asked if they can relate to her situation.

“Who can relate? Like in my head ehhh. I am never going out with them again. Weekend vibes with the Imobios….. Happy Sunday all”.

Mercy Johnson reveals how she keeps her kids busy

Mercy Johnson recently revealed how she keeps her four kids busy during the holidays.

It is no longer news that Mercy Johnson is a lover of kids, and amidst her tight schedules, she still finds time to bond with her children.

Sharing a video of her with a water pipe with her kids beside her lying facing a bowl filled with water, Mercy Johnson stated that she has been looking for a creative way to keep her busy during the holidays.

The movie star disclosed that her husband, Prince Odi Okojie always spank their son as she stated that she always pleaded with him to spank him less.

The mother of four who isn’t stopping in her fun games for her kids, pleaded with her fans to recommend fun places for her and her kids.

“When I say @princeodiokojie should spank my Henry less, you see? Lol holiday is here and I need to keep @theokojiekids busy…more games loading….Biko recommendations for fun places for kids….”.

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